Aaaah I love this time of year!! I’m looking forward to sending cheesy Christmas cards (love the cheese), gift shopping (only because I’m half way done), and parties LOTS-O-PARTIES!!! Wooooo!

Tonight we are finally going to go pick out our Christmas tree and decorate it because yes, we are one of those lazy absentminded untraditional couples that  does things a little differently than most 😉 I mean after thanksgiving, we were recovering from lots of things like all those leftovers, traveling, and oh yeah 13.1 miles for me ! But that’s all over and it is time for some extra big green tree fun!!!

Expect to see a post about the experience of picking out a tree with someone that has differing views on what size is best.

I say the bigger the better as long as it fits under our roof 😀 Maybe I’ll distract him with some fried dough while we’re loading it so I can pull a switch….hmm…..


To be continued….

Road Jane