Twas the night before the night before the half marathon. And all is quiet in my house. Spare for the rambling thoughts in my head 🙂 I’ve been stretching all day because I’m still sore from last weekend’s ab workout. Lets pause here. How crazy is that?! that has got to be the first time I still feel sore a week later. That class is either super hardcore….. or I hurt myself. I’m going with the latter. Moving on…

I am nervous with anticipation and I cannot stop picturing every possible detail frame by frame. Arrival, hotel, expo, trying to sleep at night but being too excited to drift off, waking up at 3 am, waiting at the start with all the other runners, and finally crossing the finish line thinking what the heck? didn’t I just start this race? (because I always think this at the end of the race even though I’m also always thinking “when does this end!? AAAH!!” right in the middle). This isn’t my first rodeo per se. I know what will happen, I think I know what to expect for the most part. But this #3 Half Marathon is the very first non-Disney race I’ve done. I did the first to just do it. The second was for fun traveling.

This is the absolute first one I’ve taken moderately serious by training with an actual plan. And I am stoked!! I’ll PR no matter what, but I’m highly interested in finding out by how much. My bags are packed, my warrior training bracelet arrived in time for the race (full review coming next), and my best race supporter is on board to go with me. I’ll be taking plenty of pictures, because no matter what I am going to drink this experience in and share as much as I can about the oldest half marathon in Florida with all of you.

Good night to all,
Road Jane