Like my title? That’s a whole lotta alliteration for you πŸ™‚ You’re welcome.

I woke up Saturday morning around 9:15 a.m. because my body refuses to sleep in anymore. What a bastard. I literally did not set my alarm so that I could just use oversleeping as an excuse not to go to this beach workout. But alas, my body was like “uh uh, you better get your butt up and do some work girl!” (No, I don’t know why she sounds like a cliche’d wise black mama) and so after arguing for a good 5 minutes with the bossy voice in my head, I got up and laboriously got ready to work out early. One of my co-workers belongs to a fun group of women called the Boxing Bunnies and their fearless leader Ann Marie does these fitness classes every Saturday right on the beach. This weekend’s focus was cardio and abs.

I drove down with my beach towel and a bottle of water in hand anxious to find out what this class would be like. I arrived at the same time as my buddy Lisa, and after taking a second to find parking, we walked up the sand dunes with awe. Oh so this is what its like to workout at the beach! Wow.

We were mostly alone on the sand with the beautiful expanse of ocean swelling ever more closely to us. The air was quiet spare for the waves galloping forward and thrusting back in a rhythmic dance. We spotted the rest of the group and laid out our towels carefully while the wind blew on. For a second I thought, I can do this! no sweat! The beauty had a way of seducing my thoughts into naively believing that a workout on the sand would be easy. Not a chance πŸ˜‰ We started with jumping jacks and then 5 reps of suicide runs with burpees at the end of each set to get our heart rates up. Next were 40 sit ups done with a partner and a series of planks (difficult because we kept falling deeper into the sand),

One of the holes I kept falling into during planks


other ab workouts and push ups. All in all we worked out for an hour and were good and tired by the end.

We stretched

And then took some fun group shots : )

I've always wanted to Jump in a photo! And we did it!

It was an amazing workout with a great group of girls πŸ™‚ I think it’s great that we all met up on an early Saturday morning for fitness and health.

Afterwards, Lisa and I went to the beach hut cafe for some grub. Its a pretty popular place unbeknownst to us because we had to wait outside for a bit to even get a seat. It was well worth it. I have no pictures of my food due to how fast I scarfed it down!

Later that night, I proceeded to ruin all the workout goodness with copious amounts of drinking at a band party we went to with our friends. It wasn’t planned and It was definitely a once in a blue moon thing that I won’t be repeating anytime soon since drinking isn’t my thing. But it was a fun and carefree night with lots of silly moments, good friends, and flashback music. We came back home at 3am and slept in till 12:30. Take that body!!! BWahaha, I finally got to sleep in and woke up feeling great despite all the alcohol which was surprising.

Hope you all had a great Saturday too!!
Till next time,

Road Jane


Till next time,
Road Jane