I cannot be the only one that  feels like I’m wearing a big neon sign with fuschia feathers while I’m running that says PLEASE HARRASS ME, I’M FEMALE! Seriously, these people need to work for the FBI because they can somehow decipher my gender in pitch black darkness every.single.time. What gives?!?

I enjoy running at night or when it’s dark because it relaxes me and the only thing I need to focus on is the run. Except that every time I go out, I inevitably get someone hollerin out of their car, or worse, scaring the bejeezus out of me by honking their stupid horn right as they pass me. This messes up my zen man!! I’m usually in the zone, listening to my music and trying to pace well.What if I showed up at their house and used a blow horn next to their face while they were sleeping?  Wouldn’t be nice would it??

And to anyone wondering, It’s not like I’m wearing a sports bra as a top with booty shorts either. I’m not inviting the attention at all! I’m usually in Androgenous dark pants and a t-shirt so you can’t really see my figure. MY PLEA TO ALL DRIVERS. PLEASE DON”T HOLLER OR HONK AT RUNNERS. It’s jolting and very unpleasant to us. You know, I should design a shirt that says “Don’t Holler or Honk” in reflective letters to make a point. It’s seriously tempting. Ok I think I’m done venting for now. I won’t even go into the whole needing to have pepper spray so that I’m not raped or assaulted. Another post for another day. I’ve said my piece.

Till Next Time,
Road Jane a.k.a.  Ms. I’m trying to get my zen on out there