This morning I woke up at 7:20 a.m feeling a little nauseous but completely determined to do the weekend long run with the absentee running group.Maybe I had too many sugar laden foods last night at the fair or maybe it was the monthly visitor making my stomach angry (sorry for the tmi). I didn’t know, but I knew how important it was to do this long run and not skip any of them when only two weeks were left before the Space Coast Half.

We usually meet at 7 a.m. but I believe we tried to run at 8 because someone thought it would be too cold if we went earlier. It made sense at the time since the last two mornings had been pretty chilly. So I put on my new long sleeve running shirt and black running pants expecting that I would still be cold at first but would soon warm up mid run.

As soon as we got there, the sun started beaming down and all of us knew we had made the wrong decision regarding attire. I began cursing in my head. This was no bueno. I’m a fair weather runner. Yes I like to be comfortable but mostly, I don’t think my body handles heat very well. I had a feeling this wouldn’t be pretty and I was right. We started running in two groups. The two girls training for a marathon pulled ahead as they had 12 miles to do today and were much speedier, while three of us ran a minute behind. It was really heating up and we were running 2 1/2 minutes per mile faster than last week. Neither Lisa nor I wanted to speak up about the pace because I think deep down we wanted to challenge ourselves and see if we could hang. And I hung. By a thread. Midway when I gagged twice running over the bridge. The heat had gotten to me and my empty stomach just couldn’t take it anymore when the smell of fish wafted into my nostrils.

After this though, I dug deep and didn’t chat much so I could just run. My legs felt great, I was happy to be out there (when I ignored how miserable the heat and nausea made me feel), and knowing I was knocking out a long run before most people were awake on a Sunday was motivating.
Before I knew it the run was over and I was at home showering with a big smile on my face. I felt so sick at one point but never gave up! and this gives me confidence that I can run through the good and the bad days.

I sat down to relax after my shower and was pleasantly surprised to find Kathrine Switzer’s e-mail response to my interview questions.I was beyond ecstatic to read her lively answers especially after having finished her memoir just the night before. I had it delivered Friday and COULD.NOT.PUT.IT.DOWN. I read the whole thing in a day and a half because it was so wonderfully engaging. You truly feel like you know her after reading Marathon Woman. Stay tuned for the full review, her interview answers, and a follow-up post when I meet her at the Space Coast Half Marathon November 26, 2011.

Till next time,
Road Jane