I like to take a rest day before my long runs, it seems to work for me right now even if it’s purely a psychological tactic until I get fitter. So we went to the local fair and having never been to one in this city I was stoked! I took quite a few pictures of the experience just because I felt like I hadn’t had this kind of fun in a while.

We literally acted like kids and even went into the fun houses with all the mirrors and spiraling slides!! Let me tell you, there is nothing like reliving your youth again! I imagine that being a parent someday will reunite me with the feeling all over again as I become THAT mom that gets down and dirty with her kids. I can see how water gun fights, cannonballs into pools, and building sandcastles will be a part of my repertoire once more. Any who, here is the sillyness that was my night with the SO:

These chickens are rocking out with their hair!! Loved them and couldn't stop giggling!

We saw lots of big cows. They are so sweet and docile...definitely made me think why we do what we do with them.

Our first ride of the night was the classic ferris wheel

We had plenty of time to make goofy faces while riding it.

Met a very smart goat executing his escape plan that very night!

Check out the video of him trying to escape. I wish he could be free!

We also me the "World's Smallest Horses"

And decided to skip out on the giant rat

Had a blast watching Ryan get lost in the House of Mirrors after he said it would be easy 😉

Found his holy grail in the south!! Fried Dough!!! Apparently a northern thing, it is rare to find down here but we spotted it after an extensive search 😀

It made his night! and I finally got to try this famed treat.

All in all, a much needed night of fun after a long work week.