I have recently learned that Dole is very committed to creating healthy products, so much so that they invite bloggers to an annual summit that focuses on nutrition. Sunday after my long run, I was more interested in making sure I had healthier snacks on hand and ran into the Dole Fruit Crisp on sale at Walgreens for $1. I had to try it. The nutrition label says it has 160 calories, 30 from fat and a good portion of a serving size. I figured if I had to quell my sweet tooth, this would be it. And so it was.

I’ll try to describe this without resorting to enthusiastic sounds like mmmmmmmm and oooooooooooooaaaaaah. It was refreshingly light, and so perfectly sweet that I felt the apples were almost bathed in a glaze of oxygen. The whole grain oats on top added a fantastic crunch and really balanced the treat giving it just the right amount of added texture.It really is the sophisticated adult version of a fruit cup. It even came with a mini fork on the lid!

All in all, I highly recommend trying this as one of your daily snacks. It is sure to leave you expressing yourself with non-verbal sounds of delight and will satisfy any sweet craving you have without causing guilt.