Today was my very first long training run!!! Yes, folks, I am giddy that I ran 8 miles and was not in the middle of a race. I’ve done this whole thing a** backwards really. I did 2 half marathons earlier this year without proper training. Yes that was crazy DONT JUDGE ME 😉 but no seriously, I have vowed to try doing these next few races the right way. And what a difference I’ve noticed!! My legs felt great today, my breathing was on point, and I was actually happy to be out there.

So how did this happen? and why have I not tried this before? Long distance training runs made me nervous. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy running on my own for such a long time without crowd support or the motivation of surrounding runners. But I always had another option. I belong to a running group, and I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this before because they are incredible!! I really love this group of people. They are such a mix of runners but all of them are down to earth, supportive, and determined to accomplish their next goal. I’ll have to tell you more about them later because they deserve a whole post and some pics.

Well they do a long run every Sunday and I have been loathe to join because it takes place at 7am. ON.A.SUNDAY. I mean coooooooooooome oooooooon ::whines:: I adore sleeping in and milking every last nanosecond of the dreams I’m having. I have tried for weeks to wake up but each time I tried, the snooze button won and I was drifting off again. Something got into me today…maybe I’m starting to get this training thing?? and I woke up at 6:15 ok ok 6:30 a.m. and luckily didn’t lose much time because I had laid everything out the night before (this could have been the key to success). I headed out into a dreary looking morning; overcast and sprinkling the asphalt with droplets of rain. Ominous.At the meeting spot, we waited a few minutes for stragglers and then went out. Most of the group went ahead to begin their 12 mile run (they are training for a marathon) which left Lisa and I to run our 7 or 8. It was great to have a friend to pound out the miles. We kept a steady pace and had some difficulty trying to slow it down in the beginning. But I’m so glad we did because it definitely paid off in the last couple miles. We both agreed that a training run shouldn’t be an all out pace effort, but instead a comfortable and consistent pace you can hold onto throughout the run.

We both ran with our new Garmins and Pandora on speaker with old school R&B/Pop tunes blaring from my iphone. It was a blast and the first few miles flew by. Then we got to this boardwalk I’d never run on before. It was wet from the tide and crooked in some spots. I was terrified of slipping and hurting something three weeks before the half. My eyes were intensely focused on the ground until we headed back and finally made it back to solid ground. As soon as we finished the 7 miles and stretched for a moment, I had a crazy thought….how about one more mile? She joined the crazy train and we did just one more before leaving. THANKS BUDDY!!!

The rest of the day was spent lounging, napping, cleaning, and dancing DANCE 3 on wii (These games rock!! fun and a great workout). But before I sign off, I’ll leave you with two photos since I feel bad for having droned on and on during this post without any images. On our last loop through a park we found a dollar and decided to pick it up after going around one more time. It must’ve been left by the runner reward fairy. He’s cheap but provides good comic relief for those that sacrifice sleep to run.

Spotted the dolla!

Reward time!! No mug shots after a sweaty run 😉

Till next time,
Road Jane