My first 5k was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in my hometown Miami, FL. It was 2009.I registered on a whim without really knowing what a race would be like. And I mean I was CLUELESS.Looking back I am astounded at how in the dark I was about the world of running.I honestly thought we were doing something mega! a 5k!! I mean who races in Miami?? We have so many other important things to do, like party! (j/k) I recruited a couple of my friends at work to join me, a spirited Nurse (Doris) and a fellow latina (Jess) with tons of spunk. I love these girls, they showed up race day with huge smiles and tons of energy!

The crowd was big

But the entertainment was plentiful while waiting to start! There were all sorts of costumes and get ups. Marie Antoinette at a rock concert?

And pink strollers with adorable kids ready to ride!

I thought we’d begin to run but after a brief jog through the crowded streets, we decided to walk, chat, and enjoy the sites by taking pictures. I was in awe at how many people were there.

Remember, I’d never seen such a crowd this early in the morning that wasn’t here for carnival or a food festival!

It was a beautiful mix of people. Friends, mothers and daughters, dogs, and even fathers:

I love this little guy! I think he was sticking his tongue out at cancer!

Chatting away, we even spotted some actual runners while enjoying the view.

As for us, we stopped and took pictures at every mile marker. Because, ya know, we had all the time in the world for this race.

I’d have a heart attack today if I saw that was my time for reaching only mile 2 lol. But we were walking and having fun. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

There was even music blaring on the course from a pink mini car:

After many steps, we reached mile 3, and of course took another snapshot

Then carried on for a photo op finish

Doris crosses

And I had the goofiest pose! I thought it would make me look skinnier lmao the strange things we do for a “good” picture

Pudding awaited!!

We toasted to a good cause and great friends 😀

This yogurt/pudding was sooooo good!

Walked around the expo and saw some survivors that made us smile. Such strong women all around us!

Young and old making it a day of celebration.

We grabbed a bite to eat in Bayside

And posed one last time after finishing
Me, Jess, Doris

It was my first “race” and my first taste of bonding during a run (or walk in this case). I wouldn’t get to do another race for about a year. Why I don’t really know. I think I was caught up in life and other pursuits. But I know I’m now in it for life. I enjoy every minute of planning my races and improving my times, day dreaming about where I’ll travel to run (Greece when I’m 30 to run my first marathon). And I really look forward to running with friends. I just ran the Disneyland Half marathon with my good friend Robyn and just yesterday heard from Doris that she’d like to do a half marathon with me soon. I’ll post what we decide to do and will also see if I can recruit Jess and my childhood friend Lindsay to join us. Running events like these with your friends are incredibly special memories that really never fade. I can’t wait to experience many more!