My Garmin 610 is fantastic! I wrote a post only a few weeks ago when I first got her and was stumbling around all the extra features like a drunken baby (imagery for all of you that are like me and can picture everything). I am happy to report that it is now easy peasy to operate this watch and I’ve even customized my screen to show stats I really care about during a run.


I took the fade timer off the backlight in order to keep it on during my whole run at night so I can see what’s going on without pressing a button. The added benefit is that it also helps me stand out a little more so I don’t get hit by a car but it still does not protect me from hooligans honking or cat calling me (more about that later, but let me just say that its frickin dark so they are essentially just hitting on me for being a girl and having a pulse).

Which brings me to another great feature I’ve relished! I wear the heart monitor during every outing because I’ve found it to be so helpful. Once you load your stats onto the Gamin site, they show you how hard you worked out by relying on your heart rate and then they score it according to effort like this:

5.0 is overreaching
4.0 Highly Improving
3.0 Improving
2.0 Maintaining
1.0 Minor

**Note to future self and other owners, do not wear it upside down as it will show some very low readings when you are running hard and kind of scare you.**

I typically get a score of 4.0 but pushed too hard and got a 5.0 during the Pumpkin run 5k. I think I started out too fast and paid for it mid run with high bpm. This is not something I want to repeat in a future race so I’ve been working out regularly to see if it will have an effect on my cardiovascular fitness and will try to pace myself better.

Another neat feature is the virtual runner. He is the cool little stick guy that runs a custom pace and alerts you whenever you fall behind or move ahead. Its fun watching him run with virtual you on the screen!


As you can see in the picture, he is resting there, hands on the knees and breathing hard (as I like to imagine it). This guy would be pretty helpful to use in a half marathon if you have a time goal but no pacers to run with and a great cheerleader on those lonely runs on your own. I’m going out to do a 5 miler tonight and will post how it went solely using this feature.

Till next time,
Road Jane