I have a major sweet tooth, so if you’re like me, finding a substitute for mounds of chocolate, icecream, and other desserts is vital so that you don’t become a total cow! Sometimes I wish I was deprived of sweets as a child so that I wouldn’t have developed a taste for them. I’m not sure if that’s how it works, but I definitely know some people who aren’t fans and prefer savory over sweet on any day! lucky ducks (I wanted to say something else, but I’m trying to keep this blog pg) 😉

Where was I? oh yeah, so I just discovered these delicious cocoa covered almonds that come in a convenient 100 calorie pack. They are filling and completely satisfy the chocolate craving without veering too far off the healthy track. Check them out:

Dear Sweet Cocoa Roasted Almonds,

If you were a person, I would hug you!!

Sugar Fiend
a.k.a. Road Jane