Woke up at 6:35 to get ready for the race. I had put together an impromptu green fairy costume last night out of an old green cocktail dress from my closet and some wings I bought at party city. I decided to add some green tights last minute when I realized it was 55 degrees 😉 you know, because I’m not totally impractical. The fairy eye makeup did noooot go as planned when I couldn’t draw mystical fairy lines. I first ended up with some sort of crazy scribbles resulting from a fight with an eyeliner and glitter (make-up artist I am not). So I opted for simple pink shimmer from M.A.C. And dabs of blue glitter on the outside corner of each eye instead. Simple.

The race was packed and started in two waves as a result. Most people dressed in normal running gear but I like to think that those of us that did dress up made the run a little more festive for everyone lol. Check these guys out, I think they were my favorite:


It was a beautiful race even though it was held at the cemetery.




Look at these gorgeous flowers!!! They did a fantastic job taking care of this place. And I believe that the profits from the race go into maintaining the grounds.


The end result was my all time best but definitely not what I was shooting for. I stopped to walk twice when my heart rate monitor was reading 185 bpm. At first I ignored the numbers but once I got a little chest pain I decided to take heed and slow down. Even though I’m a little disappointed, I still felt strong otherwise and believe that training has made a world of difference. I’m happy that I didn’t oversleep and miss the race like I did last year because it was really a great race. Being there made me appreciate being alive and healthy enough to run at all.

Till next time,
Road Jane