So lately I’ve been following attempting to follow a half marathon training schedule by Mr. Hal Higdon. To say there have been adjustments would be too kind and would completely understate what I have done to massacre his well thought out plan. Check it out, oh and please ignore the total mile numbers on the right, those were written before I flipped this plan on its butt.My version
With that said, even with these changes, I have been feeling much stronger and will be vastly more prepared for this half marathon than I have been for the last two I did this year. I literally ran maybe 3 times a week max in the past with mileage totals of 9 for the week if I was lucky.This time around, I have started eating healthier, am running regularly, and will cross train to improve ab strength. So I’m really looking forward to seeing what my body can do now that I am preparing it properly!!

Something else that may help is my new amazing gear! Presenting my blue/silver Camelbak for long runs:
I can’t rave enough about this product!! I’m one of those runners that likes to be prepared when I run and this definitely takes the guess work out of finding hydration on a route. I tried a fuel belt before but it was very uncomfortable for me. I know some people love them but I couldn’t get used to the feeling of the weight strapped around my waist.I also tried the hand held water bottle but it left my hand clammy and made too many swishing sounds (VERY ANNOYING). Reasons why I love this thing:

1.The Camelbak stays put and I immediately forget that I even have it on.
2.Drinking water is a snap with the mouthpiece I strung under the straps and drinking from it never breaks my stride.
3.It gives me peace of mind while I’m out there, letting me focus on everything else that matters.
4. Very lightweight
5. Barely noticeable that I have it on. Great for race pictures 😀

P.S. I will be trying out Cooler Cleanse very soon as part of my healthy eating during training. Details and a review to come next.