I really really really want to do this race! I mean just look at it!!! Space themed NASA flourishes with a pre-race pasta party under a rocket AND a rocket medal AND AND AND a 40 year anniversary of the oldest marathon in Florida?!?! I’m building mileage slowly and will start going to the gym for an hour a day to see if my heart fitness improves, because I want to do this race much faster than I’ve ever attempted before. This one would be a serious attempt at a PR with no distractions (as my last two halfs were of the Disney persuasion, and those are much too fun to take seriously right away)…which reminds me, I probably should add some race recaps here soon.

It was only February when I decided to do a half marathon without running more than 4 miles in my life. It was definitely risky and scary as hell once I realized I was in Orlando with thousands of other women running a distance I’ve never dreamed of all on my own. But the accomplishment I felt crossing the finish line was worth every painful step during the last 5 miles. Finishing that half marathon gave me my confidence back after spending a year in and out of the emergency room with unexplained episodes of shortness of breath,high blood pressure,tachycardia,dizziness, nausea and massive hopelessness that I could feel sick again at any moment with no warning at all. I will never forget the empowerment running gave me that day. It has helped me do things I never thought possible and gave me back the trust I lost in my body.

I ran 2.24 miles tonight and it felt good. I am so grateful that I can run and that I am on the path to getting healthy. I am not the speediest racer out there, but I sure have a lot of heart. I’ll keep giving it my all like Rudy did and as long as I do this, it’ll be enough.