I wooed this watch. I courted the hell out of my Garmin. After all, I knew one day it would become an extension of me. My high tech, bad ass, alter ego.LOLA (picture that with a whisper effect). Seriously sassy and ultra cool when she glows blue, I’ve noticed she is a bit of a know it all that carries a hint of a condescending attitude towards me….her new fumbling owner. Seriously, I need to get a better handle on this. Tonight was my second test run and I’m still not sure what I want to focus on during the workout. Pace? Heart rate? Virtual Racer? I have been ADD with all the options which has turned my runs into distracted attempts at staying in the zone.

So tomorrow I hope to wake up early and try her out on a route that doesn’t require stopping for cars or dodging twigs that cause you to slow down because you almost twisted your ankle on the last lap.THANK YOU GUARDIAN ANGEL FOR LOOKING OUT FOR ME. No, I really need to see what she can do because honestly…. I don’t have a handle on how to pause correctly yet. I deleted an entire half mile earlier doing just so.

In other news, I’m still unsure about the Space Coast Half in November. I think I’ll give myself until the end of this month before deciding. I really want to give it a 100% or not do it at all. And I’ll know I’m mentally ready to do so after I’ve proven I can stick to a training plan. Time will tell.

Road Jane & Lola