The week was filled with lofty ideas and the goal of running every day in preparation for Saturday’s Jingle bell run. What transpired was a half hearted attempt at training and a cold that got progressively worse. I ran twice this week, and even though one of the sessions was an hour long, I still feel I shoulda coulda would’ve done better if I had trained more. Psychotic isn’t it? I won’t even give myself a break because I was sick. That’s what happens when you get sucked into this freakishly fun madness. I mean seriously, how often do you get to openly compete against other adults (and some children….nay even toddlers carried in their strollers by super human runners) in your day to day life?? with smiles on your faces? sometimes for a good cause other than your own satisfaction? Yeah try that in an office.  It’s wonderful because its human. Competition inspires us to become better, and ultimately that’s a benefit to us all.

With that said, I’d like to take a moment to whine out loud. Or out loud in your head as you read this paragraph. I finished 28 seconds later than my last time 😦 The first two mile splits weren’t half bad for having a sahara like drought in my mouth and tons of human obstacles to weave through (I must’ve tripped half a dozen times in the first 5 minutes because there were so many people!). But the last mile was where things got ugly as my legs felt like cinder blocks and I struggled with my muscle memory to lift, set down, and repeat. If I had run longer and actually trained, this would’ve ended differently. All in all, I’d like to go back in time and try again. So since I have not an awesome time machine (heck if I did, I would not announce it) I will run another race this coming weekend, which coincidentally, is also called the Jingle bell Run. It’s also held at the same time (6pm) and invites you to wear bells on your laces just like the last one. Genius. I will have effectively completed a do over and hopefully have re-written HISTORY!!! BWA HAHA! ::clears throat:: and it’s for a good cause: Arthritus. So yes, that will be nice too 🙂