I’ve been pretty lazy the past few days and I don’t mind being upfront about it. I either felt tired, overwhelmed, annoyed with my progress, or aloof about it all. Luckily, this is a new week and I have a few things up my sleeve to motivate me. I tried out this great training program app on my iphone 4 called Personal Running Trainer and it is freakin neat!

Why I love this thing:

1. It talks to you (gotta love a little company while running on my own)

2. There’s a training program for every level (1 mile-marathon)

3. There’s a warm up and cool down integrated in each session

4. It can guide me through “Fartleks” (I just had to look that up, but yes it’s a real term for mixing up speeds while training).

I’ll give a detailed review tomorrow because I only completed 20-30 minutes of the session yesterday (still mad at myself for this) so I need to give it a go again today. I’m actually looking forward to using this because I know it’ll improve my time if I stick to it. There’s no way around the old adage of practice makes perfect.

Note: The other ditty should come in late this week or early next. So I’ll let you know once it arrives and break down its pros and cons. (Hint: They come in atleast 7 colors and smile at you when you’re good).