I am the most one of the most miserable runners at a race. I charge my iphone to the max to make sure I don’t run out of music while on the course, because that my friends would make the event a complete and utter torture training exercise whereby I would have to subject myself to nagging thoughts like “Are we there yet?” “Why the hell am I up this early on a weekend?” “Ow OW OW! Can’t breathe, oh shit, why why why!?!?” and the most popular “Why did I think I could do this again? YOU’RE NOT A RUNNER!”. But alas, I continue to test my body and mind by signing up for these with a growing group of people that either relate to what I’m feeling or let me rant while I diligently submit payment for another shot at understanding this world of competitive running.

So why am I doing this if I’m being such a baby about the experience? Well, I like LOVE the magic that’s been happening to my body. It’s starting to tone in places I thought I’d have to surgically remove once upon a time (kidding!! am I? ::shrugs::). As a woman, that could be the end all be all of reasons….but there’s more. I feel ambitious and the competitive high I get from beating my last time is phenomenal; untouchable as far feelings go. I also don’t mind how naturally my diet has changed from craving junk to craving unprocessed foods and lots of water. I feel stronger, I feel happier, I feel like I’m going somewhere finally. Running is teaching me discipline, something I’ve never been good at. And I kind of think it could be a trait I can apply to a couple other areas in life 😉

I am Road Jane. An average runner striving for improvement. An average girl testing out her potential. Because frankly, I’ve never given myself the chance to do so.