Christmas Makes Me Giddy!

Aaaah I love this time of year!! I’m looking forward to sending cheesy Christmas cards (love the cheese), gift shopping (only because I’m half way done), and parties LOTS-O-PARTIES!!! Wooooo!

Tonight we are finally going to go pick out our Christmas tree and decorate it because yes, we are one of those lazy absentminded untraditional couples thatΒ  does things a little differently than most πŸ˜‰ I mean after thanksgiving, we were recovering from lots of things like all those leftovers, traveling, and oh yeah 13.1 miles for me ! But that’s all over and it is time for some extra big green tree fun!!!

Expect to see a post about the experience of picking out a tree with someone that has differing views on what size is best.

I say the bigger the better as long as it fits under our roof πŸ˜€ Maybe I’ll distract him with some fried dough while we’re loading it so I can pull a switch….hmm…..


To be continued….

Road Jane



Day Before Space Coast Half Marathon 2011 Part 1

After a successful Thanksgiving dinner (we did not burn the turkey!!! YAY!!), we zoned out rested Friday in order to get up early the next morning and head down to Cocoa Beach. We received amazing news that the rocket launch Friday was to be re-scheduled for 10 am Saturday so we knew we had to start driving at the crack ass of dawn and take it easy and get plenty of sleep.

We overslept. Ok…I overslept. My boyfriend has the remarkable ability to get up the second his alarm goes off. I need multiple rendezvous with my finger and the snooze button to be half way pleasant to people when I wake up early. Because of this, we ended up leaving at 7:15 a.m. and for a second, thought that we may not make it in time for the launch. We had a debate over whether to eat in at the McDonalds or just grab some breakfast through the drive-thru so as not to lose time. He was convinced seeing the launch was a lost cause and wanted to just go inside but I stubbornly kept trying to argue that we could still make it, if and only if, we grabbed our food to go. The map said it would take 3 hours to drive down so I’m not sure where my conviction was coming from. Maybe I was still unpleasant to people around me because I hadn’t slept more than 5 hours (I was too excited to sleep as noted in my previous post). We escalated this debate in the way that only people in love can and bursted out laughing when it finally hit how ridiculous we were being. Ah l’amour.

If it wasn’t for his speedy driving we may not have accomplished what we did. We made it. With 10 minutes to go before the launch, we spotted a ton of cars parked along the highway overlooking the launch pad. I can’t tell you how happy I was to be there to see a launch for the very first time. It was both of our firsts to be exact.

Waiting for the Rocket Launch

Spectators for rocket launch

Lift off

And I think you get the picture πŸ˜‰ After this, we decided to head to the expo to pick up my runner’s packet at the Kennedy Space Center.

We passed by this sign on the way in. I was so just there πŸ˜€

We walked inside and found it very organized. I picked up my packet in less than 30 seconds! and proceeded to go into the expo.

The packet pick-ups stations were un-crowded and nicely set-up.

So this is where all the people were. It was crowded! But then again, there wasn’t much space and there were very few interesting exhibitors. I was hoping to pick up a running skirt for the race and left empty handed because no one was selling any. This is one of the things I hope they focus on as the race becomes more popular in the years to come. Part of the fun of a race is going to the expo and finding the latest running gear and clothing to fuel your all things running obsession passion. Even if more exhibitors had wanted to come, there wouldn’t have been much room for them in that space.

The expo was suffocatingly small 😦

We left and decided to head down to our hotel for an early check-in at 12:30. We had called ahead and the front desk woman we spoke to said it was very possible and that we should go. When we got to the host hotel (Radisson Resort at the Port) we went up to the first front desk person we spotted, a young woman that looked helpful. I quickly asked if we could check in early and explained that we had a reservation. Without looking in the system or checking with anyone she told us that check in was at 3pm and no it was not possible because they had just checked out a bunch of people and all the rooms were uncleaned. She told us we would have to drive around for 3 hours and just wait. This was all said with a condescending tone that was clear to both of us. I was shocked. I mean there are ways to talk to people and this just wasn’t right.

I’m mentioning this because her attitude was rude and snide, something I was not prepared to encounter at a host hotel for the race. We were really taken aback with how some people in customer service positions can act so unprofessional without recourse. Without saying any of the colorful words that were going through our heads, we thanked her and walked outside to cool off. Then we had an idea! it wouldn’t hurt to call the hotel and ask again. Because maybe, just maybe, she was not only rude but completely wrong. Just as we suspected, a lovely woman named Tanya answered the line,checked the system, and told us we were more than welcomed to check in early because many rooms were available and clean. HA!!! So we walked in through the other entrance and spoke to someone else to check in. He was friendly, professional, and checked us in without an issue. At this point we didn’t want to cause a stir to complain because we were tired and really hate making a scene. We’ll leave it up to karma to take care of her faux pas.

Standard room at Radisson Resort Port Canaveral

After relaxing for a couple of hours and playing with the sleep number bed control buttons,Β  we ate a small lunch,Β  and came back to relax some more before going to the pre-race dinner. I knew I wanted to get to the expo a little bit before the shuttle buses were scheduled to take us to dinner because Kathrine Switzer was there from 2-5:30 and although she was the guest speaker at dinner, I didn’t want to miss my chance to meet her and get my book signed. We got there just in time as she was packing up to go with her staff. It was kind of hectic and they looked like they were trying to hash out some logistics for her talk that night so I waited patiently to say hello. When she had a moment to breathe, I spoke up and told her I was the girl that she had just done the blog interview for. She was absolutely the sweetest person πŸ™‚ signed my book with some inspiring words and promised we would talk more via e-mail. Her staff snapped our picture and I held up my copy of the book just before the camera flashed (because I almost completely forgot I was holding it like a total goob).Β  She was a such a down to earth friendly woman and I was really happy to meet her in person, even if it was a short lived because of how much I look up to her. I’ve never had a hero but if I had to choose, she would be it.

Last minute meet up with Kathrine Switzer

I rushed off right after this photo because we still had to catch the shuttle for the dinner at the Saturn Center. We got ourΒ  VIP bands, walked through metal detectors, and into Kennedy Space Center to find the shuttles.

I really wanted to take a picture with this space dude but there was a line and I didn’t want to miss the shuttle to dinner because of a photo op.

I love this place. I’ve only been here once as a kid and feel like a trip in the future is warranted, because I can appreciate things now that I’m an adult ya know.

4 shuttle buses filled to the brim and took a 12-15 minute trip to the Saturn Rocket Center where the dinner was being held. Ryan nodded off and I focused on watching the NASA video about the space program’s history.

When we got there the doors weren’t open so we waited outside for about 10 minutes.

Continued in part 2 of this post…

Going to the Space Coast Half Marathon 2011

Twas the night before the night before the half marathon. And all is quiet in my house. Spare for the rambling thoughts in my head πŸ™‚ I’ve been stretching all day because I’m still sore from last weekend’s ab workout. Lets pause here. How crazy is that?! that has got to be the first time I still feel sore a week later. That class is either super hardcore….. or I hurt myself. I’m going with the latter. Moving on…

I am nervous with anticipation and I cannot stop picturing every possible detail frame by frame. Arrival, hotel, expo, trying to sleep at night but being too excited to drift off, waking up at 3 am, waiting at the start with all the other runners, and finally crossing the finish line thinking what the heck? didn’t I just start this race? (because I always think this at the end of the race even though I’m also always thinking “when does this end!? AAAH!!” right in the middle). This isn’t my first rodeo per se. I know what will happen, I think I know what to expect for the most part. But this #3 Half Marathon is the very first non-Disney race I’ve done. I did the first to just do it. The second was for fun traveling.

This is the absolute first one I’ve taken moderately serious by training with an actual plan. And I am stoked!! I’ll PR no matter what, but I’m highly interested in finding out by how much. My bags are packed, my warrior training bracelet arrived in time for the race (full review coming next), and my best race supporter is on board to go with me. I’ll be taking plenty of pictures, because no matter what I am going to drink this experience in and share as much as I can about the oldest half marathon in Florida with all of you.

Good night to all,
Road Jane

Virtual Turkey Trot

It’s our first time hosting thanksgiving and all I can think about is how I’ll be able to sneak away for a 3 mile run ::blushes:: I’m jonesing! I haven’t ran for well over 4 days and with the race this Sunday, I feel the need to get out there at least once before. I planned it so I would have to go out and run today by signing up to do a virtual turkey trot through daily mile to benefit You should check out their video because its all sorts of creative flourishes and tells their story really well.

I’ll check in later with pics of the spread. I may have to run post turkey at night since we are cooking and all. As much as I like to think I can do everything at once, sometimes its better to take things one at a time.

Happy Gobble Day!!!
Warm wishes to all,
Road Jane

Christmas Running Gear Deal

I wrote a post of my running goals for Sunday but I’m thinking I’ll keep it under wraps until the day after the race πŸ™‚ So instead, here’s a deal that came to my e-mail for RoadID:

Get 10% OFF Now!

Yeah, we know…It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But, before you know it, the turkey will be in your belly, the cranberry sauce will be dripping from your chin and Christmas will be knocking on your door. When you shop early at you can SAVE 10% with coupon code pcEARLYSTART. Offer ends 12/12/11.

Don’t know exactly what to get the fitness minded person on your list. Don’t fret. We have you covered. A Road ID Gift Card allows them to choose the style that fits them best. And, feel free to use coupon pcEARLYSTART for a 10% discount…even on Gift Cards.

Did you know the ID tag on your existing Road ID can be easily moved from one band to another? If you want to freshen up your Road ID, all you need to do is buy a new band…not the whole ID. Check it out.

*NOTE: Coupon Code needs to be entered into the Coupon Code section on the payment page.
Offer expires December 12, 2011.

Monday Clean Eating & Yoga

I took it easy on my tum tum by having a fresh salad for lunch. It was exactly what I needed and tasted all sorts of delicious! One of the rare good things about the cafeteria at work is that they have a build it yourself salad station that always has fresh ingredients. I created a sassy shrimp salad by adding:


Goat Cheese

Blue Cheese

Olive Oil

Ground Pepper


Red Onions

Baby tomatoes

Shredded Carrots

Garlic shrimp

and a hearty tomato vinegarette.

It was the bomb. And I know that’s already an old-school word. I don’t care. It’s appropriate here πŸ˜€ It was the perfect set-up for the afternoon yoga class at work. Yes my friends, we now officially have a yoga teacher that gives us (employees) a free class every Monday right on site! It’s times like this when I feel really lucky to be where I am. The class was done in a relaxing style, gently flowing from pose to pose with plenty of time given to focus on our breath during each one. It lasted about an hour and twenty minutes with a 10 minute relaxation exercise at the end. My abs really enjoyed the stretches and I believe it helped me feel so much better by the end. Most of the soreness I felt was eased away.

After class, I rushed home in order to prep our list for Thanksgiving Dinner. We needed to pick up the Turkey,figure out what other sides to cook, figure out what we’d be eating for dinner, and on top of all that, I still needed to make something for the Thanksgiving potluck at work the next day. It all worked out at the end but I went to sleep at around 2 a.m. to get everything done. I’m thinking I should meditate sometime soon after this week!!

-Signing out

Road Jane

Sunday Funday Natural Life Music Festival

I was supposed to do a long run this morning but frankly I was exhausted from last night, and I later found out that I was also incredibly sore from yesterday’s workout. I’ve spent the last 3 hours trying not to laugh, get up, or stand up straight because my chest and abs hurt like hell. It really feels like someone is pulling my muscle fibers apart every time I move the wrong way. Ugh, I hope it feels better soon. I’m the first one to admit that I enjoy feeling sore but this is too much. I look like the hunchback of Notre Dame because I cannot fully erect my torso lol.

Earlier today, we opted to go to the Natural Life Music Festival after a friend of mine reminded me it was happening at the park. It was a gorgeous day! Moderate temps and such a great vibe!! I’ve never been to a music fest (much to the dismay of my SO) so this was a great mini introduction that definitely made me want to try the real bigger thing sometime soon. Everyone was happy and the music was folksy and fresh. We had such a great time walking around the booths, people watching, and eating food from local spots.

They had about 10 really fun crafts you could sign up to do

But unfortunately, most of the ones I wanted to do were sold out or done for the day by the time we got around to them. So we didn’t get to make our own hula hoops or paint graffiti on banners. But we did get to make frisbees!

Shot of the whole fest. It was held in a small intimate circle.

Lots of people were strolling around or sitting down on lawn chairs or hay stacks enjoying the day.

I really wanted to take a picture of us in the owl cut out but we ran out of time πŸ˜›

One of the cool crafts being sold at a booth. These are bottles of alcohol that have been flattened down for use as cheese platters/spread serving plates.

View outside of the park was so peaceful.

SO playing a game while we waited in line to make our frisbees.

We’re next!!

This was so much fun!! I love any excuse to pretend to be an artist be creative!

Note to self. Glob it on next time. More paint=more fun.

We left around 5:30 as things started wrapping up. I definitely hope they do this again next year and would love it if they did this once a month. It was free to get in and so relaxing to spend the day strolling about surrounded by creativity and new sights and sounds.

Peace out,

Road Jane

aka future hippy

Morning Boxing Bunnies Beach Bootcamp

Like my title? That’s a whole lotta alliteration for you πŸ™‚ You’re welcome.

I woke up Saturday morning around 9:15 a.m. because my body refuses to sleep in anymore. What a bastard. I literally did not set my alarm so that I could just use oversleeping as an excuse not to go to this beach workout. But alas, my body was like “uh uh, you better get your butt up and do some work girl!” (No, I don’t know why she sounds like a cliche’d wise black mama) and so after arguing for a good 5 minutes with the bossy voice in my head, I got up and laboriously got ready to work out early. One of my co-workers belongs to a fun group of women called the Boxing Bunnies and their fearless leader Ann Marie does these fitness classes every Saturday right on the beach. This weekend’s focus was cardio and abs.

I drove down with my beach towel and a bottle of water in hand anxious to find out what this class would be like. I arrived at the same time as my buddy Lisa, and after taking a second to find parking, we walked up the sand dunes with awe. Oh so this is what its like to workout at the beach! Wow.

We were mostly alone on the sand with the beautiful expanse of ocean swelling ever more closely to us. The air was quiet spare for the waves galloping forward and thrusting back in a rhythmic dance. We spotted the rest of the group and laid out our towels carefully while the wind blew on. For a second I thought, I can do this! no sweat! The beauty had a way of seducing my thoughts into naively believing that a workout on the sand would be easy. Not a chance πŸ˜‰ We started with jumping jacks and then 5 reps of suicide runs with burpees at the end of each set to get our heart rates up. Next were 40 sit ups done with a partner and a series of planks (difficult because we kept falling deeper into the sand),

One of the holes I kept falling into during planks


other ab workouts and push ups. All in all we worked out for an hour and were good and tired by the end.

We stretched

And then took some fun group shots : )

I've always wanted to Jump in a photo! And we did it!

It was an amazing workout with a great group of girls πŸ™‚ I think it’s great that we all met up on an early Saturday morning for fitness and health.

Afterwards, Lisa and I went to the beach hut cafe for some grub. Its a pretty popular place unbeknownst to us because we had to wait outside for a bit to even get a seat. It was well worth it. I have no pictures of my food due to how fast I scarfed it down!

Later that night, I proceeded to ruin all the workout goodness with copious amounts of drinking at a band party we went to with our friends. It wasn’t planned and It was definitely a once in a blue moon thing that I won’t be repeating anytime soon since drinking isn’t my thing. But it was a fun and carefree night with lots of silly moments, good friends, and flashback music. We came back home at 3am and slept in till 12:30. Take that body!!! BWahaha, I finally got to sleep in and woke up feeling great despite all the alcohol which was surprising.

Hope you all had a great Saturday too!!
Till next time,

Road Jane


Till next time,
Road Jane

Harrass Me, I’m a Female Runner!

I cannot be the only one thatΒ  feels like I’m wearing a big neon sign with fuschia feathers while I’m running that says PLEASE HARRASS ME, I’M FEMALE! Seriously, these people need to work for the FBI because they can somehow decipher my gender in pitch black darkness every.single.time. What gives?!?

I enjoy running at night or when it’s dark because it relaxes me and the only thing I need to focus on is the run. Except that every time I go out, I inevitably get someone hollerin out of their car, or worse, scaring the bejeezus out of me by honking their stupid horn right as they pass me. This messes up my zen man!! I’m usually in the zone, listening to my music and trying to pace well.What if I showed up at their house and used a blow horn next to their face while they were sleeping?Β  Wouldn’t be nice would it??

And to anyone wondering, It’s not like I’m wearing a sports bra as a top with booty shorts either. I’m not inviting the attention at all! I’m usually in Androgenous dark pants and a t-shirt so you can’t really see my figure. MY PLEA TO ALL DRIVERS. PLEASE DON”T HOLLER OR HONK AT RUNNERS. It’s jolting and very unpleasant to us. You know, I should design a shirt that says “Don’t Holler or Honk” in reflective letters to make a point. It’s seriously tempting. Ok I think I’m done venting for now. I won’t even go into the whole needing to have pepper spray so that I’m not raped or assaulted. Another post for another day. I’ve said my piece.

Till Next Time,
Road Jane a.k.a.Β  Ms. I’m trying to get my zen on out there